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Among the numerous benefits of Omega-7 oils, it has been seen to have great importance to the functions of the body and the development of its organs. It can be found especially in macadamia nuts and sea buckthorn.

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What Are The Benefits Of Omega-7 Oils?

  • Boosts cardiovascular health: In addition to improving your cardiovascular health, they also help maintain the cholesterol levels in your body. This helps remove excess fat from the body.
  • Common heart disease prevention: By eliminating plaque buildup which causes clogging of arteries, you are able to avoid heart disease such as heart attacks and strokes.
  • Brain functionality improvement: This is especially important for pregnant women who need to feed their young children or infants to boost reasoning abilities, intelligence quotient and also to boost their memory.
  • Inflammation and pain reduction: By strengthening the joints and the nervous system, omega-7 oils are able to reduce joint inflammation pains that arise from arthritis.
  • Reduces depression: If you may be suffering from emotional problems, these oils can cure you. Studies have shown that they help treat depression, anxiety and psychoses.
  • Reduces certain varieties of cancer: With studies indicating that they are able to reduce the growth of cancerous lumps/cyst as well as malignant cells, this oil helps improve your body’s cellular growth. With regular intake, you also help reduce breast and colon cancer.


While there are no great drawbacks to taking Omega-7 when consumed directly, excessive consumption is not advisable. Thus, you should always endeavor to boost your health as well as the development of your body organs by consuming Omega-7 oils from the time you are young as you grow.