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Magnesium And Your Health

Magnesium is without doubt one of the most essential charged minerals in the human body. This is why revelations from the Institute of Medicine and the National Academy of Sciences that close to 80% of Americans do not get enough of the mineral on a daily basis were more than just surprising. The situation is even worse in the developing world. What many people fail to realize is that magnesium is responsible for approximately 300 reactions within the body. But what does a magnesium deficiency lead to and why should you ensure you always take your daily requirement?

Effects of Magnesium Deficiency

Clearly, statistics reveal that magnesium is one of the most underrated minerals. Majority of people do not even recognize its importance until they are not having enough in their diet. If you hardly take your everyday requirement, a look at some of the effects of a magnesium deficiency will make you dash for a supplement. At a time when medical bills are eating up the income and savings of most low and middle class families, you do not want to put your health on the line. Here are some of the symptoms that accompany such a deficiency: Poor functioning of the immune system. This will leave you exposed to many illnesses. Loss of bone tissue, which makes victims weak over time.Pain and twitching in the muscles that could interfere with your dexterity.High blood pressure and several other heart complications.Increased levels of bad cholesterol. Hypoglycemia (extremely low blood sugar levels) and other problems related to blood glucose. At times, deficiency of magnesium could trigger thyroid disease. Fatigue even during morning hours, spreading to the rest of your day.

Why Take Magnesium Daily?

Clearly, the symptoms associated with magnesium deficiency are undesirable to say the least. However, you need to insist on your daily supply not just to avoid these effects but to enjoy the countless benefits of the essential minerals.

Here are some more reasons to take enough magnesium every single day:

Absorption of minerals: One of the reasons that make magnesium an essential mineral is that you require it to absorb other useful minerals. This is especially so with minerals such as potassium and calcium, which are always difficult to absorb.Diabetes relief: Magnesium plasma levels have been proven to be much lower in patients suffering from both type I and type II diabetes. Taking your daily requirement will boost your mineral levels to healthier levels, thereby reducing the symptoms of diabetes. Cardiac health: Cardiac diseases ranging from heart attacks to strokes are top on the lists of avoidable deaths in many countries around the globe. Fortunately, magnesium promotes proper blood circulation by encouraging the dilation of blood vessels for better blood flow.For ladies: Ladies particularly have a lot to benefit from insisting on a daily supply of magnesium, especially when nearing menopause. It is essential in premature labor issues, bone strength, menopause symptoms, PMS symptoms and even reduces the chances of eclampsia by an impressive 58%. With these benefits and several others, there’s every reason to procure your magnesium supplement right away.