Antioxidants Herbs [rate]

AshwaghandaSolaray: Ashwagandha root extract 60ct 470mg

From the ancient times to now, people are still trying to reach for traditional “Aurvedic” medicines.”Aurvedic medicine system” is born in South Asia region specially in India, and there are many precious herbal plants with various specious in that region. One of the best herbal plants is “Ashwaghanda”.

Ashwaghanda is a small plant and use its leaves and root for medications in different methods. Basically “Ashwaghanda” is positively affected to the human immune system and increase the energy to fight against the toxins and germs. It helps to increase the white cells called “leucocytes”.

Male fertility is a common issue in these days . It helps to restore the irregularity in the libido and increase the male fertility. Preliminary, this herb is promoting energy and reduces the negative effects of stress, depression, relaxes muscles and regulate the internal body system.

Various researchers found that this herb can be used to treat for cholesterol, diabetics, tumor growth, anxiety and insomnia.  Because of this herb’s quality of increase the immune system and regulate the central nervous system, researchers speculates that it will be a positive answer to treat for Alzheimer’s disease.