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MulleinSolaray: Mullein leaves 100ct 330mg

Mullein which is scientifically called Verbascum thapsus is a well known herbal medicine mostly used to treat problems on the respiratory system. Mullein has been used since ancient ages. It has other medicinal uses apart from being a cure for respiratory problems. It has various geographical names for example: Common Mullein, Great Mullein and “cowboy toilet paper”. The later name is common in western U.S since its leaves can be pinched and used as toilet paper.

Mullein can be sold as tea, supplements and sometimes in drops and tinctures. One can buy mullein leaves and use them to make tea or pastes. Pastes are mostly used on skin. It is also possible to plant mullein tree on a home garden. mullein leaves, flowers and stems can be eaten. However, the seeds are poisonous as they contain a natural pesticide which makes them deadly when consumed.

Some of mullein’s benefits include:

Tuberculosis Treatment

The use of mullein leaves, in Europe, to treat tuberculosis can be traced back to 16th century. Seven patients were treated using mullein in St. Vincent’s hospital in Dublin, Ireland that was in 19th century. Six of them improved their symptoms. Currently, it has been known that mullein has anti-bacterial and expectorant properties. These properties are needed in TB treatment. More research has to be conducted on mullein leaves as a natural medicine for TB. Based on the past evidence and modern research, they could fruitfully be proved a TB cure.

Cold and Flu

The above mentioned mullein’s expectorant and anti-bacterial properties, makes it a cold and flu remedy when drunk. The remedy is a best relieve for patients experiencing congestions. Research wise, mullein leaves are known to have saponins which are responsible for the expectorant properties. They also decreases mucus produced in the body.

Allergies, Asthma, & Bronchitis

Mullein leaves are popular remedy for allergies, asthma, and bronchitis. It is an anti-bacterial and a natural expectorant. It also reduces phlegm and swelling of the respiratory system.


The verbascoside found in mullein leaves makes it an anti-inflammatory. Verbascoside is an acid-sugar ester that results when phenylethanoid and caffeic are combined.


Verbascoside, in mullein, apart from being an ant-inflammatory, is an anti-bacterial. In most cases, verbascoside discourages Staph infections.

Digestive Health

Most digestive disorders such as diarrhea, bladder infections, hemorrhoids and constipation can be solved by drinking tea from mullein leaves. Mullein also acts as a de-worming substance.


Mullein leaves contains an anti-spasmodic property. This property help heal menstrual cramps or ordinary stomach cramps that occurs as a result of gastric distress.

Sedative Effects

Mullein leaves has a well known sedative effect.  The effect is popularly used to treat insomnia and anxiety.

Skin relief

Paste from Mullein leaves can be applied to skin areas with irritations. Irritation from conditions like rash, burns, cuts or blisters can also be reduced by applying mullein paste on affected areas. Other conditions resulting from bacterial attacks and inflammation can also be treated using mullein leave paste since it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Joint Pain Relief

Mullein’s anti-inflammatory effect helps relief pain resulting from swelling on joints and muscles

Ear Infection

Research shows that paste and oil, from mullein leave and flower respectively, is a natural cure for ear infections. This could also be because of mullein’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.