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Relora And Stress

Relora is a commercially manufactured non sedative herbal stress relief formula which is derived from magnolia officinalis and phellodendron amurense. These herbs are known to normalize stress hormones. Relora acts as an anti-oxidant and supports those with food cravings, irritability,aches, insomnia,concentration difficulties, tense muscles, restlessness etc.


Magnolia officinalis:

It is a chinese medicinal herb. It is used to treat cough and lower blood pressure. Their leaves and barks are added to soup.Its bark contains the compounds biphenol Magnolol and honokiol, which are responsible for magnolia’s anti-stress properties.

phellodendron amurense:

It is a native tree of Japan and China and is also known as Huang Bai. Chinese practitioners used it as an anti-bacterial remedy. It Aids in removing diseases of vaginal and urinary tract. Phellodendron amurense contains phytochemicals such as palmatine Relora which acts as a vasodilator ( relaxing blood vessels).

Other components:

Since Relora comes in the form of pills, the other ingredients besides the above two are inactive. water, Gelatin, glycerine are used to form soft capsules. To give the capsules a well defined structure, silica, magnesium sterate and cellulose are also used.


> Chronic stress causes craving for high calorie, fatty and unhealthy food. While adults can control their appetite, kids can’t. When a person is stressed, the stress hormone, Cortisol is present in large amounts in the body and research reveals that individuals who are high cortisol reactors prefer to eat high calorie, sweetened and fatty food, under stress. Relora supports normal levels of cortisol and DHEA. This reduces body weight and stress. Relora binds to stress receptors in the nervous system and promotes relaxation and ignores receptors associated with sedation. It lowers cortisol by 37 percent and increases DHA by 227 percent.
> Phellodendron also also has cardiovascular benefits. Blood Lipids and fasting glucose levels, which are known as the makers of cardiovascular diseases, can be reduced by it.
>The Magnolia officinalis has pharmacological qualities. It contains antioxidants like magnolol and honokiol, which scavenge the free radicals and protect the body against toxins. Both these antioxidants are one thousand times more potent than vitamin E.
>Magnolia officinalis bark is used to treat menstrual cramps,asthma, indigestion etc.
>The phellodendron has antibacterial and antiviral properties. It effective for infections that occur in the lower parts of the body.
>The polyphenols and phytochemicals present in the magnolia bark and the phellodendron respectively, combine to balance moods.
>It acts as a sleepind-aid, treats asthma and allergies and, reduces irritability.
>It removes nervousness and increases concentration.
> It reduces menopausal stress.
>Regulates blood sugar level to reduce diabetes.
>Aggressiveness of tumor can be increased by stress. This is avoided by Relora.
>muscular pain, mouth ulcers, headache, hair loss etc can also be prevented by Relora.
>Stress can affect sex life and study. Relora takes care of these problems.
>The magnesium present in Relora sustains muscles and relaxes the nervous system.
>It Comprise of the amino acid L-theanine which relaxes brain activity.
>Slows down the aging process.
>Helps to maintain healthy immune system.


Relora does not cause significant side-effects. Most frequent side-effects are drowsiness and stomach ache. It should not be used by pregnant & lactating women, teenagers and people driving heavy machinery.