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Boron is one of the trace elements that naturally occur in human organs, bones and tissues. This mineral has several health benefits to the human body. Medical research has revealed that boron plays a critical role in optimum health and its absence may lead to several health problems. This article puts forward the various uses of the mineral boron in the human body. Boron is a form of borax solution that can be used in treating ulcers in the mouth and eye infections.
Next, boron is used in reducing the risk of kidney stones. It enhances the proper functioning of cell membrane and this helps in the regulation of metabolic activity. 

Enhancing Mineral Efficiency

Boron also enhances efficient magnesium and calcium absorption. Proper absorption of magnesium and calcium significantly reduces the risk of kidney stones infection. In addition, it plays a critical role of building strong bones. This is because the mineral supports high levels of magnesium and calcium absorption. Therefore, adequate intake of this mineral assists in the maintenance of health human bones. In addition, boron is used to treat the condition that is famously known as Osteoarthritis.

This mineral also plays an active role in maintaining a healthy brain. A deficiency in boron leads to decreased cognitive performances and impaired functioning of the brain. The mineral plays a critical role in manual dexterity, eye hand coordination and enhancing memory. It strengthens the functioning of the brain which in turn enhances cognitive performances and alertness. In addition, boron acts as boric acid by treating bacterial and fungal infections. It is also used for purposes of commercial mouth washing.
Finally, boron can be effectively used by menopausal women.

The estrogen level of women who have reached menopause automatically decreases. This leads to several hormonal changes within the women bodies. This condition may come along with several debilitating symptoms which may be very uncomfortable. Boron enhances the level of estrogen in the body thus reducing the symptoms that are very common in postmenopausal women.

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