Kidney [rate]

Kidneys are among the most important parts of human body which are responsible for balancing its fluKidneysids, creating urine and clearing out wastes of the body along with a number of other important functions for internal cleansing.  Everyday your kidneys filter lots of waste water and other products by processing blood to excrete them in the form of urine which flows through ureters to your bladder.

If your kidneys are not able to eliminate these toxins correctly they can cause a number of serious health problems in your body due to accumulation. So to improve the kidney functions as well as the flow of urine to eliminate toxins from their body, people are searching for various types of treatments. Certain herbs are also used for this purpose due to their natural properties as well as to avoid any side effect.


Here are some herbs that can be used to improve kidney function:


Uva-Ursi.  This herb used by many communities as cleanser is also known as bearberry. It can be used to relieve and strengthen your urinary tract as an astringent. As per various researches it has also been proved that Uva-Ursi is traditionally used as kidney cleanser.

Parsley.  It is one of the popular herbs used by most of the chefs as well as a number of herbal pharmacists due to its tangy flavour and aromatic features. It helps in improving kidney function by cleansing your entire urinary tract and reducing the accumulation of toxins in them.

Fennel. Most of the kidney problems are caused due to poor renal and kidney function. Your kidneys are unable to remove toxins from your body and cause various health problems including swelling, high blood pressure, anemia, high cholesterol and proteinuira etc. The use of fennel seeds can help improve the functioning of the kidneys due to its antioxidant properties and other natural nutrients like potassium, fiber, etc. which can help in relieving anemia as well as high blood pressure causing kidney problems.

Horsetail. This common weed is also used to improve kidney function due to its diuretic property. It can help kidneys to flush out waste materials from your body by cleansing your urinary tract and increasing the output of your urine. Due to its antioxidant properties it also helps in improving your renal system along with kidneys. It can be consumed in the form of capsule as well as tea to get the best results in improving kidney functioning.

Dandelion root.  This herb is usually considered as a useless and annoying weed but its roots and leaves have a number of benefits for your kidneys. They can help in promoting the elimination of body wastes due to their diuretic properties.

Marshmallow Root. It is termed as a soothing herb as it can gently encourage your urination by calming down the tissues of your urinary tract due to its diuretic features.


Thus, there are a number of herbs which can improve kidney function naturally.