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Don’t you think it would be great if Mother Nature provided you with herbs that increases your testosterone levels, improve your sex life, increase your athletics performance and also post your manly vitality exponentially? Fortunately, we have good news. The herbs are Cordyceps, Tongkat Ali, and Tribulus.

These herbs are among the most misunderstood on the planet. However, beyond their mystery lies great power.



Cordyceps has been in use for many decades in traditional Chinese medicine to cure many illnesses, boost energy and promote immune system. It can also enhance the partitioning of carbs to muscle tissues. For this reason, it is believed to enhance athletic performance, more aerobic capacity and endurance. It also acts as anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, has neuro & liver protective effects. It is also able to promote steroidogenesis and sexual health.


Cordyceps also have adaptogenic effects. This means that it may improve both physical and mental recovery. However, these effects aren’t properly documented. The fact that Cordyceps helps to improve energy does automatically suggest that it can as well have adaptogenic effects.


Eurycoma longifolia

It is also known as Tongkat Ali. It is basically known for its ability to enhance athletic performance. It is grown exclusively in Asia. This natural testosterone booster is largely credited for its ability to increase one’s energy levels, muscle mass, enhanced workout recovery time and athletics performances. It was recently associated with activities related to cancer fighting.


Tongkat Ali

Improved levels of adenosine triphosphate(ATP) is another great effect of eurycoma longifolia that enables it to improve a person’s vivacity and overall energy. Users of this great herb have experienced significant enhancements in muscle mass and athletics performance. Due to its anabolic effects, several Asian athletes have started to use this substance with increased athletics results.


Tribulus Terrestris

This herb is said to be safe as well as effective. It is a unique and powerful herb that has been used as an overall tonic & energizer by humans since ancient times. These features have enabled Tribulus Terrestris to gain popularity among body builders and athletes.

Tribulus Terrestris

This great and unique plant is considered to be a very strong T stimulator that promotes the growth of muscles, increases muscles tone and also gives strength and energy. Acting this way, this herb influences physical performance positively and assist athletes to achieve the best results without causing any harm to their body and health in general.



When many of us hear the word “bodybuilder” or “athlete”, our imagination normally draws a picture of a very strong gigantic man with huge muscles. These two words are often associated with high-protein diet, much training and also the use of steroids. As you already know, steroids are always not good for health as they may seem to appear. Although they promote muscle growth and also provide more strength, however, they are harmful to human health. Using steroid can lead to sexual dysfunction, coronary heart disease, aggressive behavior, liver problems and sensitivity to injuries. The good news, however, is that is all the above health problems caused by steroids may be a thing of the past. The three powerful plants discussed above have been proven to enhance athletics performance without posing any health risk.