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What’s the Optimal Daily Vinegar Dose?

It's become known recently that vinegar, amongst its myriad uses, has strong properties as a health supplement. But, in order to gain those benefits, how much should one take per day? A new study out of Arizona State University showed that about one tablespoon of vinegar, twice a day, had the impacts on pre-diabetics similar to that seen in expensive manmade medications. So, if you're seeking to modulate your pre-diabetes symptoms, including vinegar would be a wise choice.

Key Takeaways:

  • Did you know that vinegar can be helpful for people with pre-diabetic symptoms and other blood sugar issues?
  • Researchers recently tested the equivalent of two tablespoons per day of vinegar on subjects with pre-diabetes, and the results were striking.
  • These patients exhibited improvements in line with those attributable to costly synthetic medications.

“Consuming vinegar with a meal reduces the spike in blood sugar, insulin, and triglycerides, and it appears to work particularly well in those who are insulin resistant and on their way to type 2 diabetes.”

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