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Whiten Your Teeth With These Turmeric And Coconut Oil Cubes

Interested in whiter teeth? Well, if so, it's understandable – most people are. But the use of harsh manmade chemicals to bleach teeth certainly seems unhealthy – there must be a better way? And, fortunately, there is, using only basic natural ingredients. For example, cubes made of turmeric combined with coconut oil do the trick quite nicely, increasing the whiteness of teeth like commercial whitening agents but without all the health risk that comes with using harsh chemicals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Everyone wants whiter teeth – but it's not a good idea to use harsh bleaching agents to achieve the look.
  • Instead, turn to natural products which can have just as effective of outcomes.
  • For example, cubes of turmeric and coconut oil are able to increase teeth whiteness without the harshess of chemicals.

“when it comes to teeth whitening, that superficial obsession with our pearly whites (or off-whites, as it were) may be doing far more harm than good.”

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