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There is just something about white teeth that screams healthy. We love that look in the west and try to attain it, but most solutions include bleaching, literally using bleach to soak those coffee, tea and whatever stains away. Here is a recipe that uses natural coconut oil and turmeric to pull away those stains and help keep your teeth and mouth healthy. It is known as mouth pulling, an ancient technique where you literally swish around this combination to pull out stains and even bacteria before spitting it out. To try it all you need is coconut oil, turmeric and peppermint oil.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author states firmly about our superficiality and apologetically about our fault in doing harm to ourselves in a reckless pursuit of perfection.
  • The author suggests oil pulling as an alternative to teeth whitening.
  • The author does a poor job at balancing in words the positives and negatives of teeth whitening with the positives and negatives of oil pulling.

“over 62 percent of people who had received tooth bleaching at their dentist complained of hypersensitivity”

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