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Hair loss affects a great number of people around the world and it is not just the senior citizens that are complaining about it. There are many different reasons for hair loss, the most common of which are aging and genetics. Aside from these, hormonal changes and a poor diet are also among the top reasons for losing hair excessively. Research has found that while some people cannot avoid hair loss because it is in their genes, many other cases may be treated and even reversed with a few lifestyle adjustments and tweaks in the diet.

Hair Loss


One very glaring oversight is the lack of silica in one’s nutrition. While this is just a trace element, meaning you do not need a lot of it daily, the fact remains that the small amount that you need is vital to the health of your bones, skin and scalp. It is often referred to as the beauty supplement because of the positive effects it plays on one’s appearance and physical health.

Another advantage that we can get from silica is that it can slow aging. It contributes to the body’s production of collagen which is essential to keeping the skin plump and elastic as well as keeping joints in good working order. As with most of the trace elements in our body, we seldom get enough as we grow older. Supplements are necessary to provide our bodies with trace elements, vitamins and other minerals.


Diatomaceous Earth

When we hear about diatomaceous earth, we often think about insecticides and other industrial grade chemicals. This is made of fossilized remains of diatoms which are algae of some sort. Often used to clean water and eliminate insects such as bed bugs, fleas and other insects, food grade diatomaceous earth, diatomaceous earth can also be a great source of silica. When researchers realized the potential of this kind of earth in providing nutrients, supplements were made in safe and correct dosages to enable people to meet their bodies’ requirements for silica and other nutrients.

Scientists suspect that some diseases and health issues are related to the presence of heavy metals in our diets. The inherent ability of diatomaceous earth to suck or absorb metals from our body and dispose of these contributes to the lower risk of several diseases such as Alzheimer’s and fortify blood vessels for better blood circulation. Silica can also help repair lung tissue thus enabling people to have fewer respiratory problems. Heart health is also improved with the supplementation of silica because of its contribution to the production of collagen in the body. The blood vessels and aortas of the heart is made up of connective tissue that benefits from collagen. We will have lower blood pressure and better circulation with silica supplementation.

You may be wondering why in recent years, the human race has been needing more supplements to meet the requirements of our health. The reason is that the earth or soil is now severely depleted from the minerals and vitamins that we are supposed to get from them. The depletion has encouraged farmers and other agriculturists to put more and more fertilizers and additives in the soil to meet our nutritional requirements.



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