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Catuaba Bark

With increased knowledge and extensive disclosure about many beneficial plants and their amazing uses, it has become so easy to conquer many severe health complications nowadays. It’s true that the number and versatility of multiple health problems have increased over time, especially because of an unstoppable desire to live a comfortable life, but it’s also an undeniable fact that medical world has always tried its best to find an appropriate cure of almost all diseases. Catuaba bark is one such remarkable gift of nature which brings several health benefits along with it. This herb can be found in the Amazon rain forests of northern Brazil. Experts have been studying the various properties of this plant and have confirmed its medicinal usage.

Health Benefits of Catuaba Bark

Works against Microbial Infections

A group of Japanese scientists found that the various ingredients of this natural extract worked perfectly to protect human health. During medical trials researchers discovered that catuaba bark worked as an efficient anti-bacterial agent and treated bacterial infections. An animal research published in the year 1992 showed that a particular dosage of catuaba bark extract helped to protect the mice from some life threating bacteria.

Improves Sexual Performance

Scientists believe that the properties of catuaba bark work as central nervous system stimulators. In earlier times, people used to boil the bark and consume the liquid to enhance their sexual performance. It is believed that consumption of catuaba bark help to increase male libido, improve sexual desire, genital function and cures impotency.

Beneficial for Inflammatory Diseases

The most pleasing fact about this herb is that the potentiality of its properties has already been proved scientifically. In another study, which was published in the year 2004 in Phytotherapy Research, scientists found that catuaba extract helped to prevent the phospholipase A2 catalyses. Scientists agree with the fact that this herb has potential to treat inflammatory diseases.

Protects Skin Cells from Cytotoxic Activity

Another animal study helped scientists to explore the cell protective role of this herb. Scientists found that the ingredients known as cinchonains IIa and IIb included in the extract helped to combat the toxic effect of squalene monohydroperoxide (SQOOH).

Works as an Antidepressant

According to a study published in the journal Psychopharmacology in 2005, this herbal extract works as an efficient antidepressant.

It Works Against Parkinson’s Diseases

After analyzing the result of another medical research, scientists conclude that catuaba extract is effective for dealing with Parkinson’s diseases as well.

Apart from being an efficient bacteria killer, this extract also helps to fight virus infections. This herb helps to build a strong immune system and destroys the health threatening viruses quickly.

The extract of catuaba bark is available in the form of dietary supplements as well. This supplement should be purchased only from a reliable manufacturer to ensure quality of the product. Though the consumption of this herb did not produce any noticeable side effects in the past, it is always advisable to consult a medical expert to decide the dosage of the supplement according to an individual’s own health situation. Therefore, a quick visit to the medical advisor will not be a bad idea, especially if the person is already on some prescription medicines.