Digestion [rate]

Digestion as a process involves a number of activities that take place within your body.  The primary activity involves the breakdown of different food groups into essential nutrients and minerals as well as energy.  The breakdown is carried out by a variety of enzymes many of which are produced by the pancreas.  Digestion is therefore one of the most important body functions.

Digestive System

As your body continues to age, digesting enzyme production declines. This can occur naturally or be caused by factors such as diseases affecting the pancreas or even surgery.  This drop in enzyme production means one thing, your body isn’t getting the necessary nutrients and minerals.  Food isn’t being digested completely and gastrointestinal problems like gas and bloating become frequent.  Energy production drops.  Your body is at high risk of contracting disease.  It’s therefore essential that you supplement your body with digestive enzymes.

Pancreatin is a popular supplement that’s used to help boost the digestive system.  It contains a blend of digestive enzymes whose main function is to break down protein, carbohydrates and fats.  The enzymes found in this supplement are derived from the pancreas of animals like cows and pigs.  Animal derived enzymes are considered effective because they function more or less the same way in humans as they do in the animal. They are also safe for use in most cases.

Besides aiding in digestion, pancreatin has been found to be effective in the alleviation of allergies.  Many allergic reactions occur when the body doesn’t break down protein into its constituent amino acids during digestion.  Some of the symptoms of allergic reaction include inflammation of the stomach and intestines, bloating and nausea.  Using this supplement increases chances that all proteins ingested will be digested. This reduces chances of allergy development.

If you are having digestion problems that can be traced to aging, pancreatic diseases or even a random occurrence, chances are that your body isn’t producing enough pancreatic enzymes. Undigested food usually goes to waste and leaves the body deficient of nutrients and energy. In order to ensure that digestion is done completely, you should take pancreatin supplements. It’s also advisable to consult your doctor before taking the supplements.