Antioxidants Immune System [rate]


Ester-C is a unique supplement of Vitamin C which is manufactured by mixing ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) with calcium or other important minerals through a water-based process. It contains metabolites of Vitamin C such as dehydroascorbate, threonate and ascorbate in their pre-formed sate, which can easily be absorbed by the body.

The following are some of the reasons as to why Ester-C than regular ascorbic acid:

1. Better Absorption and Retention
All the natural metabolites that are present in Ester-C enable it to be absorbed faster and retained for long by your system as compared to the regular form of Vitamin C.

According to some studies, there is minimal loss of ascorbic acid through urine in people who take Ester-C as compared to people who take other regular types of Vitamin C. Additionally, it can remain active in your white blood cells for a long time.

2. Gentle to the Stomach
Most regular forms of Vitamin C are often linked to gastrointestinal pain, especially when taken in large doses. This is due to the fact that Vitamin C contains some acidic components. Ester-C undergoes through a special manufacturing process that neutralizes all the acidic components of ascorbic acid. The process buffers the ascorbic acid and defuses its pH balancing its acidity. This enables it to be very gentle on the stomach and less likely to cause upset or irritation as compared to regular Vitamin C

3. Strong Antioxidant Activity
Your body is a very complicated system in which numerous metabolic and biochemical reactions take place in a continuous manner. Due to these continuous reactions, a lot of radicals are produced, which can be very detrimental to your functional cells if they are not eliminated. Additionally, the free radicals can also be introduced to your body through environment pollution. Ester-C, which contains ascorbic acid, is readily absorbed by your body and acts an effective antioxidant. It protects your body cells against the dangerous effects of free radicals.

4. Strong Immunity
Ester-C increases the levels of Vitamin C in your body for a period of more than 24 hours. It contains vital metabolites such as threonate and ascorbate which play a major role in increasing the retention of Vitamin C in your body cells. Vitamin C also promotes the production of white blood cells in your body, especially the killer-T cells which are the main attacking elements of your immune system. This ensures that your body is fully protected and immune to a variety of common disorders and diseases.

5. Effective Tissue Repair
Vitamin C is very important for the production and maintenance of collagen in your body. Collagen is a special protein substance that forms the base of all the connective tissues inside your body, including your tendons and bones. Vitamin C also helps in the maintenance of strong and healthy joints. Lack of collagen in your system causes the blood capillaries to break down, resulting in internal bleeding or hemorrhage. Ester-C plays a very vital role in maintaining the health of body tissues and preventing the possible occurrence of hemorrhage.

Ester-C not only enables you to be healthy always, but it also enables you to live a long active life.