Hair [rate]

Many people go through difficult processes trying to make their hair healthy and strong. We need to know that the secret to healthy, strong, and shiny hair is not a fancy salon treatment or an expensive shampoo. It is the food that we eat that determines how healthy we are. But that is not just any healthy food we eat, we need to take into consideration the nutrients we can get from them.


Here are some nutrients of the nutrients that our hair needs:


  • Biotin

Biotin is a water soluble vitamin that belongs to the B complex. It is very effective when it comes to encouraging the health of both the hair and the scalp. In fact, it has been so effective in doing this, that its demand has escalated over the recent years. The best part is that you can find this vitamin in a variety of foods, most of which are easily available in the stores. For instance, taking lots of brown rice, nuts and oats will give you enough supply of biotin. The trick here is to ensure that you change the foods regularly so that you can get biotin in its various forms as well as ensuring that you avoid taking the same meals all the time.

  • MSM

MSM is essential in the growth of hair because it helps in the production of Keratin. Keratin is a protein on the hair that is responsible for faster growth as well as the shiny and strong look. It does a double duty because it strengthens the follicles, too. According to reliable studies, people who take lots of MSM report a reduction in hair loss. Increased growth can be realized in just under six weeks if you take enough amounts. If you are wondering about the kinds of food that contain MSM, you can find plenty of it in leafy vegetables including watercress and cabbage. Since MSM can volatilize due to heat, it is advisable to take raw vegetables.

  • Silica

This is a bioavailable form of silicon and is often times referred to as the “beauty mineral”. This is attributed to the fact that it is very effective when it comes to the growth of hard nails and lustrous hair. Its effect is always fast. Apart from that, it can be used to maintain bone density and general body strength making it useful for all round health. It is also known for its ability to facilitate the deposit of calcium and other mineral that aid in the growth of hair. You, however, should be very careful with amounts that you take. This all depends on factors that are unique to every individual.


As you can see, growing natural hair is an easy task as long as you take the right nutrients. Try to find a combination that fits into your diet because even though you want to grow hair, you do not have to eat food that you are not comfortable with.